When Microsoft first launched its Surface range of tablets four years ago, sales were pretty weak, with

The Razer Blade Pro is back and it’s arguably the company’s most impressive gaming laptop yet.

As Android phones and tablets have increased in popularity, the number of apps available for the platform has rocketed.

Update: iOS 10 has landed for all of the Apple tablets you'll see in this list.

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Apple unveiled its next generation of MacBook Pro earlier today, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

Update: The MacBook Pro 2016 price is as expensive as its specs are powerful, starting at $1,499 (£1,449, AU$2,199) and g

You’re a creative pro with money to burn. Maybe you’re a hot music producer, or an in-demand architect, a gifted photographer, or a video editor, or a CAD wizard.

Following strong rumours that Lenovo would acquire Fujitsu’s PC business which

UPDATE: Cats and skateboarding, together at last! Ollie Cats has been added to the list of best free iPad games 2016 – read the next slide to find out more!

UPDATE: Give your iPhone a bit of old school flair with the Messages sticker app, Classic Mac – details on the next slide!

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming ever more popular, allowing people to access the internet securely and privately, and having the best VPN router is essential to making the most out of

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond wants ‘full fibre’ connections to be available to most homes and businesses by 2025, in a pledge that could aid the mobile sector’s plans to build hig

Qualcomm is offering what it claims is the industry’s first 5G New Radio (5G NR) platform for small cells.

Smartphones powered by Qualcomm technology will be able to deliver more secure Wi-Fi connections thanks to the rollout of the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access3 (WPA3) technology across the company’s m

Fresh from detailing its first converged consumer products, BT is now offering a new business service that combines its broadband and mobile networks.

Many British households aren't getting the broadband speeds they have been promised, according to new research which highlights ho

Quantenna has announced a major move with the introduction of the first chip which supports 802.11ax, the next-gen Wi-Fi standard (which is still in draft form).

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Every week we take a look at the latest Sky TV deals, packages and special offers to make sure that you're getting the very best prices when you decide to sign up!

Looking for a clear answer on the best way to bag a cheap BT Sport deal? If you're here, chances are you been asking yourself how much is BT Sport going to cost?

Right before the World Cup kicks in, LG has launched it's range of highly desirable OLED TVs in the UAE.

Sony today announced the expansion of its professional BRAVIA line-up with six new 4K displays in the BZ35F series.

LG has launched the SmartThinQ Skill for Amazon Alexa, which means a number of the company’s latest TVs are now compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. 

Update: The price and availability details of the 65-inch and 85-inch 4K HDR X9000F TVs are out.

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There’s some good news for those of you who like a spot of free gaming action, because Microsoft has made the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode available at no cost – at least for Windows 10 g

Despite it being a reasonably popular feature of the Wii U, Nintendo has confirmed that its new

Ironically, given it was in the PC gaming business long before it got into consoles, Microsoft has caught a lot of flack in recent years for leaving PC gaming behind. 

Though you may naturally associate the keyboard with the mundane, it's an essential piece to the puzzle if you're gaming on PC.

When it comes to games, the wheel of progress is always spinning at an alarming rate. 

On this page we're listing all of the best cheap PS4 deals in the UK so that, once you've decided to buy one, you can find all of the cheapest prices.

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Back in the day dating services were considered by many as a last resort in the long, arduous hunt for love - and something of a shameful secret. 

Singapore has been hit by a major cyber attack that saw a database containing the personal information of about 1.5 million people, more than a quarter of the population, stolen.

It's the apps that really set iOS apart from other platforms - there are higher quality apps av

Microsoft is exploring potential new avenues to remedy its issues with a lack of applications in the context of its rumored dual-screen mobile Surface device – which will allegedly utilize a custom

Until later this year, when macOS Mojave takes over, macOS High Sierra is the OS behind all of the best Macs – so, let’s dive into all the de

We may be about to get some core iOS apps on the Mac, like News and Stocks, with macOS Mojave later this year, but you should still pay atten

We were expecting to see Google announce Google Fuchsia, or Google Andromeda – a fusion of its Chrome and Android operating systems – back in October 2017.

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