UPDATE: Cats and skateboarding, together at last! Ollie Cats has been added to the list of best free iPad games 2016 – read the next slide to find out more!

Over at its New York press event, Microsoft has unveiled a revamped Core i7 Surface Book which considerably bolsters performance and ups battery longevity – and it will set you back $2,399 (around

DEAL ALERT: Amazon UK has just unveiled a large clearance sale of refurbished Amazon Fire HD 7 tablets. Using the voucher code below, you can save £20 and get one for just £44.99.

Good things come in threes, they say, and indeed let’s hope that this holds true when Apple reveals its (strongly rumored) revamped notebooks later this week – because fresh information seems to co

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We may be about to get some core iOS apps on the Mac, like News and Stocks, with macOS Mojave later this year, but you should still pay atten

The iMac 2018 could use a refresh – short after the most recent model hit the market, packed with 7th-generation

After WWDC 2018, we have a pretty good idea of what macOS 10.14 Mojave will look like, and we’ve gathered all the latest news and rumors

Buying a new Mac isn't as simple as picking up the latest iPhone.

When Lenovo changed the iconic ThinkPad’s keyboard from a classic layout to island-style keys in 2012, there was outrage.

There are three things I want from a new Apple laptop. I want it to be thin and light. I want it to have a lovely high-resolution display. I want it to connect to the other devices I own.

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Mobile operators have been told they will need to offer services and products, not just connectivity, if they are to maximise returns offered by the

If you play a lot of the best PC games online, then making sure you have t

TP-Link has launched a new all-rounder router which aims to deliver the goods for a plethora of use cases, at a very affordable price tag of $79.99 (around £60, AU$105).

If you find that your Wi-Fi network is struggling to reach parts of your home or office, rather than trailing Ethernet cables (which can look messy), or buy a Wi-Fi extender, which can still suffer

Welcome to our list of the best small business routers of 2018. Here, we show you the top choices for wireless routers for office, business or home office use.

“if you take anything away with you today, then it’s don’t wait for 5G to plan for small cells,” was the cry of o

TalkTalk’s renewed focus on its fixed consumer business has resulted in some short-term pain to its balance sheet, but the company is confident that its plans for full fibre rollout and the sale of

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Cheap TV deals are on our radar throughout the year as we check through the most reliable retailers to find you the finest bargains every week.

With so many great 4K televisions to choose from, making a decision about which one to purchase for your family may very well come down to price.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey for the Apple TV.

Amazon's original TV offering mat be getting attention for all the right reasons at the moment, for shows like The Tick and Transparent, but its movie collection is also going from strength to stre

There's such a huge selection of great movies on offer on Netflix there days that you don't blame you for spending your first hour of downtime scrolling through anything and everything the service

UPDATE: The second season of the Netflix Original documentary series The Toys That Made Us has arrived! Read all about it below!

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Playing a new Civ game is like driving a new car in a foreign country. Lots of things feel familiar, you sort of know what you’re doing, and the end goals are broadly the same.

It's not often we see games set in Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area.

It might have been a while since you last played, but Niantic is giving

The Nintendo Switch could be one of the most revolutionary consoles ever released. 

Tempted by PlayStation VR, but want to try before you buy into Sony's PlayStation take on virtual reality?

It’s not been smooth sailing for Skyrim’s long-awaited PS4 mods, and now we’ve found out that their maximum size on Sony’s console will be just a fifth of the Xbox One’s. 

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Welcome to our list of the best internet security software suites to install on your PC, Mac or mobile devices in 2018.

Content plays a major role in the journey of building your online presence and brand. Without it, you're going to struggle in today’s ruthless business world.

If you've decided to take the plunge and have bought your own Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware or mining rig, your next step is to connect t

Huawei has launched it's music streaming service with no commercial interruptions across five markets in the Middle East which are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

It's easy to spend hours watching new videos on YouTube when you have a reliable internet connection, but if you're going to be offline, you might want to save a collection of clips to watch later

Free cloud storage has really taken off thanks to fast, reliable internet connections.

Free blogging sites have come a long way in recent years, and it’s now easier than ever to create a professional-looking blog to share a hobby with likeminded people, express your opinions, and est

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