Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Surprisingly hilarious and playfully engaging, Jumanji''s video-game thrills and ensemble will give you more than what you had prepared yourself for.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Review by Manisha Lakhe

The empire is still evil and Supreme Commander Snook is creepy in the manner of Emperor Palpitane. Thin and tall and long bony fingers controlling the force like never before. The rebels are at the end of their tether again, and need help. The story ...

Mark Felt - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Mark Felt has the right kind of political and investigative thrills, although by compromising on the soul which is its character study. 

Wonder - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Room(2015) fame Jacob Tremblay does justice to a well-deserved lead role in his latest film, Wonder, which is otherwise anything but wonderful.

Justice League - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Justice League does injustice to its stars, scale and magnitude.

Thor: Ragnarok - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Thor: Ragnarok refuels the franchise with a smoothly clever tonal transition. 

Blade Runner 2049 - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Blade Runner: 2049 is the perfect sequel that arrives once in a blue moon.

American Made - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Tom Cruise is back with a top-drawer performance in what is a biographical film with a sense of humour.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Review by Vighnesh Menon

The Golden Circle retains the body but abandons the mind of its predecessor.

It - Review by Vighnesh Menon

'IT' sits well with its genre courtesy of some unruly violence in addition to the expected scares.

Annabelle: Creation - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Annabelle: Creation has enough fear factor to disturb you for close to two hours, if not give you sleepless nights.

Viceroy's House - Review by Manisha Lakhe

It is a touching tale of one of the greatest human tragedies, a shameful part of our history, told in a very personal way. The film is beautifully shot, well acted and brilliantly directed. A must watch.

Dunkirk - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Christopher Nolan's resounding portrait of an unforgettable historical episode is another supreme entry in his illustrious filmography.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a film that dazzles more as a character study than an entertaining superhero story.

Despicable Me 3 - Review by Vighnesh Menon

Despicable Me 3 may not have the best animation or story to brag about, but it ensures plenty of fun for children and adults in equal measure.


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